Program Overview


The season will run from November through February. The teams will strive to practice two times per week with tournaments/league games on the weekends or possibly one weekday. Practices will begin the first week of November and tournaments starting a few weeks after. Practice times and dates, as well as tournaments, have yet to be finalized but will be determined by the coaching staff. The main philosophy of the program is to focus on player development, skills based practices, and to provide all players with a positive experience.



Participation in the program will cost approximately $750. Costs include: tournament entry fees, uniforms, practice gym fees, insurance, etc. 



The philosophy is to teach the fundamentals of the game at an elevated level and foster a love of basketball in a competitive environment. In addition, there is greater success that can be reached by overall team play rather than playing as individuals. The focus will be on individual skills and team building.  With that said, this is a competitive league and the coaches have the discretion to take anywhere from 8-10 players.  The 8-10 players are chosen based on the necessary skill level to compete in the feeder/travel basketball league.  This is not house basketball where everybody makes the team.  There is a certain level of skill required at the beginning of the program to make and compete at this level. 



Any player who is seeking a competitive playing experience. Since this is a feeder/travel program, a certain level of dedication is expected. The goal is to develop future high school basketball players by playing the best teams in the Chicago-land area. Only players that will feed into Conant High School are eligible to make the team.  One exception is if a team does not have the minimum of 8 players to tryout.  In this case, the non-Conant resident would be eligible to make the team so that the team can have the minimum amount of players.  Also, since the non-Conant resident was a critical piece to establishing a team, that player will be “grandfathered” or eligible to tryout and make the team in future years.  This does not mean they get special treatment or consideration, but it allows that player to have an equal tryout as if they were attending Conant for high school.



The teams will practice two times per week, not necessarily together. Practices will work on individual skill development, team play, and work ethic. We will immediately begin implementing team offenses and defenses. If you are going to have a conflict with a sport that is finishing its season, please see your prospective coach and communicate any conflicts. Out of season sports must work around this program’s schedule. Missing a practice for an out of season sport is not an excused absence. The coaching staff puts in many hours on and off the basketball court, so please contact your coach if there are any conflicts. 



Tournaments will be finalized after the teams are chosen. The goal of the tournament is to give the boys challenging games while allowing success. Choosing the correct level of competition allows for the most growth of both the individuals as well as the team.



  • Attendance at practices is mandatory. We will be learning important skills as well as our team offense and defense immediately. This team moves at a fast pace.

  • If your son needs to miss a practice, please contact the coach of your team in advance so any adjustments can be made to practice plans.



  • Each player will play in every game

  • Playing time will NOT be equal

  • We will work with each player to capitalize on their strengths and improve their development areas

  • We play to win, however, we take into consideration situations that we can get more playing time for each player



  • Be positive

  • Cheer and support your child

  • Encourage the team

  • Do not coach from the stands during a game

  • If you have questions regarding your child’s playing time, we have a 24-hour rule.  Please wait 24 hours after a game to discuss with the coaches.  Coaches are happy to address any questions you have about playing time or offer advice for ways to increase playing time.

    • Good times to discuss…email the coach ahead of time to meet for 10-15 after practice.  Coaches are always happy to discuss your child but will not discuss other players on the team.

    • Not a good time to discuss…during a tournament or “on the spot.” Conferences need to be scheduled.  If coaches are approached and questioned about their child, the coach will tell you to schedule a time.


  • Try-outs dates and times:

    • TBA

  • Parents need to register their son and leave all personal information before the tryout day.

Robert Hudson
Founder and Head Coach

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